Wearable Speaker: Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Personal Neck Body Handsfree Mic FM Radio SD Card Microphone Portable Sport Gym Workout Travel Running Biking All iPhone iPad Android Smartphones Tablets

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Product Description

Neck SpeakerNeck Speaker

Long Run Technologies Wearable Neck Speaker

Are you tired of listening to your Bluetooth music through uncomfortable and poor fitting earbuds?

Are you worried about how safe it is being tuned out of your surroundings when wearing over the ear headphones?

Do you want a portable speaker that is equally compatible with ALL Bluetooth enabled devices, including ALL smart phones and tablets ?

Are you looking for true stereo surround sound for your listening experiences?

Are you not comfortable paying hundreds of dollars to achieve this?

We have the solution!

TRUE STEREO SOUND – This body speaker delivers stereo surround sound giving you a clear, rich, and yet powerful soundscape. If you close your eyes while listening to your favorite song, you will truly feel like you are right there with the artist! LOADS OF POWER – Never worry again about having enough power for an outdoor environment. You will be amazed by the bass that this neck speaker puts out! FM STEREO MODE AND SD CARD CAPABILITIES – Not only do you get advanced Bluetooth functionality, you ALSO get access to FM Radio stations in your area AND a TF/SD Card slot for your pre loaded play lists!. SOLID CONSTRUCTION – Take your music with you everywhere you go, and do it in style, with this heavy duty wearable speaker. With sweat proofing and water resistant technology, you can rest assured your speaker will last for the long run. HANDS FREE CALLING WITH ON SPEAKER VOLUME / SKIP CONTROLS – Control your music volume and song selection with the tap of a button on this collar speaker, and never miss an important incoming call while you are absorbed in your favorite play list. WIDE COMPATIBILITY – This state of the art, revolutionary neckband speaker is compatible with ANY and EVERY Bluetooth enabled device. Including All iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, Android, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, LG and many more.

Perfect For Use In A Wide Range Of Activities

Collar Speaker

Collar Speaker

Neck Speaker

Neck Speaker

Body Speaker

Body Speaker

Wearable Speaker

Wearable Speaker

Working Out

Hitting the gym has never been so much fun! Never worry again about keeping those bothersome earbuds or headphones secured in your ears during the most intense of workouts. Make the most of your time spent at the gym by concentrating on your workout – not your wireless device!

Walking / Running

Whether you are an avid jogger, causal runner, or a regular walker, this surround sound body speaker will be your new perfect companion. It’s lightweight, sweat proof, and water resistant design makes it both comfortable AND durable for those long walks or runs.


When it is finally time to relax and enjoy your favorite play list, this neck speaker is always ready to go. That special “You Time” which is crucial to your successful day, will be forever enhanced by the full surround, stereo sound produced by this top of the line Bluetooth speaker.


Cycling while wearing earbuds or headphones could be seen as unsafe when you consider that you are not 100% aware of your surroundings. Hearing cars and pedestrians when riding your bike is crucial to your safety. Using this wearable speaker will ensure you are 100% dialed in to what is going on around you!

Collar Surround SoundCollar Surround Sound

Stay Alert To Your Surroundings – Be Safe!

Listening to your music, where and when you want to, is important to you. What is also important, is to stay safe while you are doing it. This revolutionary surround collar speaker let’s you enjoy your music while out and about, and yet allows you to stay alert to your surroundings. Over ear headphones and earbuds isolate you from things happening around you, putting you in a vulnerable position when cars and bikes are near by. Never worry again about your safety listening to your favorite playlist outdoors. This neckband speaker allows you to focus on what is important – your songs – not worrying about missing cues around you.

Wearable SpeakerWearable Speaker

3 in 1 Versatility That The Other Big Name Brands Do Not Offer.

Other more expensive body speakers on the market are simply Bluetooth enabled only devices. With our cutting edge neck speaker, you get Stereo FM capabilities, as well as TF/SD Card functionality. Scan the area for your favorite radio station, pop your favorite playlist into the media card slot, or connect to your phone to enjoy the latest music App. Whichever way you choose, this high end collar speaker makes sure you get to enjoy all your favorite music the way you want to!

Bluetooth Neck SpeakerBluetooth Neck Speaker

Why The Long Run Technologies Wearable Speaker Is The Smart Choice For The Long Run

You want your neck speaker to last for a long time right?

Most wearable speakers on the market are made of some sort of cheaper formed plastic. They are simply not designed to last. With Our Long Run Technologies neckband speaker, we set out to try and build a speaker set that would stand the test of time. A speaker you could take with you anywhere, and still have the power to fill any room. A speaker that performed as well outside as it did inside. We are proud to say we firmly believe we have accomplished this!

You want your surround neck speaker to sound clear, and rich even at high volumes, right?

Our patented design features 4 great big 80 mm. drivers with special porting for bass enhancement. This neck speaker remains crystal clear, with zero distortion, at high volumes largely due to the reinforced enclosures minimizing sound bleed. You get a sleek lightweight design, with sound that is bigger than you would expect.

We know you want to be sure your collar speaker is compatible with ALL of the Bluetooth devices you own and have around your home.

That is why we have ensured the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip that is inside these speakers recognizes ALL and EVERY Bluetooth enabled device. This includes, and is not limited to, all smart phones, smart TV’s, tablets, iPods, iPads, computers, laptops, Macbooks, and gaming devices. This really is the only wearable neck speaker you will ever need to own!

Make Sure Your Investment In a Neck Speaker Pays Off!

Ultra Lightweight and Ergonomic Design Built To Last

Compatible With Any And Every Bluetooth Enabled Device Like Smart Phones, Tablets, TV’s, and More

Hand Free Calling Capabilities Along With On Speaker Music And Call Control

Bluetooth, FM Radio, And TF/SD Card Ready

Built With High End Audiophile Level Speakers That Deliver Powerful Yet Crystal Clear Sound

Advanced Bluetooth Technology Allows For Seamless Connections To Your Devices + Major Power Savings

✔ THE SAFEST WAY TO LISTEN TO MUSIC – BE ALERT TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS ✔ Ever wondered if it was safe to run, jog, or cycle while wearing earbuds or headphones? Well wonder no more. This neckband speaker allows you to enjoy your music without compromising your ability to hear important things that are going on around you. Always stay connected to the World around you, and be super cool while you do it!! Compatible with ALL smart phones, Tablets, Lap Tops, PC’s, and ANY Bluetooth enabled device!
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE AND WEARABLE DESIGN ✔ This body speaker is made with a super comfortable and extra functional layer of soft rubber on the base so you never have to worry about slippage or movement during your walks or workouts. Created with personal ergonomics in mind, once you put this band around your neck, you will barely feel like it is there at all. You get to comfortably enjoy crisp highs and super lows from the dual speaker system, producing full bodied stereo sound.
✔ AWESOME VERSATILITY WITH 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONALITY ✔ These speakers offer 3 different modes of usability. Stereo Bluetooth Mode, a TF/SD Card Slot, and Stereo FM Mode. All this and over 6 Watts of pure unadulterated power, in stereo, right under your ears! The built in microphone system allows you take those important calls when you are immersed in your music experience. The convenient button system on the side of the speaker gives you complete control over your music and your calls.
✔ READY FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT TO THROW AT IT ✔ This practically sized speaker is sweat and weather resistant, so there is no need to worry during your intense workouts. Perfect for studying, working biking, the gym, gaming, virtual reality, and can be placed on a table or stand at a party for all to enjoy. ★★★★★ BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE. This speaker is backed by a full money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return your Speaker for a FULL REFUND.

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