Spy-MAX Law-Grade ProMax GPS Tracker Buster & Detector – Ultimate GPS Counter Surveillance – Designed Exclusively as Professional GPS Tracker Detector for Professionals & Law Enforcement

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Spy-MAX Law-Grade ProMax GPS Tracker Detector

Best Way To Find Hidden GPS Trackers and now available to the Public for the first time
GPS Tracking signals EXPOSED. When you suspect a hidden GPS tracker may be spying on you, the Promax GPS Detector with it’s sensitive Level 3-8 detection modes is exactly what you need, includes all cell networks (mobile phone system): GPRS (mobile data transmission) or SMS (Short message), 2G, 3G or 4G.

Specifically Engineered For Exposing All GPS Tracking Devices

Designed “Exclusively as a Professional GPS Tracker Detector” for the Law Enforcement Community to be incredibly accurate & easy to use, a simple display will accurately pinpoint where the GPS spy bugs are hiding, secretly transmitting your exact location. This device is built with a minimum level 3 detection score. To accurately detect a live gps tracking device, the Promax will detect up to level 8, which is far & beyond the level 3 detection which ensures the GPS is found.

While usually found somewhere in a car, a GPS tracking device can even be hidden in an ordinary object such as a briefcase, backpack, or even sewn into a coat lining. GPS tracking devices are small, and can operate for months without you knowing they are on, transmitting your exact location data. They are out there, look around.

Detects all CDMA / GSM 2G / 3G / 4G GPS tracker
Detection of audio transmitting bug (hidden microphone) & spy cameras
Standby / Idle Cellular Detection
Have you ever wondered these questions?
Is your Car Bugged with GPS Tracking?
Think your employer might be secretly tracking you?
Do you have a creepy ex?
Going through a Divorce?
Think your Car is Bugged?
Have you ever been in the Military?
Involved in any Legal Matter?
You’re NOT ALONE! Protect Yourself and Take Control Of Your Privacy. In Seconds You’ll Detect Any and All Active GPS Tracking Spy Devices ADD to CART NOW!

LAW GRADE SENSITIVITY – INCLUDES STANDBY & IDLE CELLULAR REGISTRATION DETECTION – All active GPS trackers use cellular signal to transmit coordinates of GPS tracker’s location. As signal strength of cellular signal weakens, the cell phone will re-scan the cell site to do a new registration automatically. Or the cell site will initiate registration on its own by sending a signal to the tracker, causing the tracker to transmit and identify itself.
PROFESSIONAL GPS TRACKER DETECTOR DETECTS ALL TRANSMITTING Real Time GPS trackers – Each and every update will be exposed with Audible Signal Alert.
HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, RELIABLE AND ACCURATE DETECTION of All Transmitting Hidden GPS Trackers and Audio Bugs. Just turn it on, and begin to instantly scan vehicles. Finds illegal listening transmitters, GPS Trackers. FREE Tech Support is Always Available
SIMPLE OPERATION AND REALLY EASY TO OPERATE: The easy display control panel is complemented with 8 LED Display for Signal Strength Readings. Powered by 4 x AAA Batteries. NOTE: Must Use Away from Cell Towers & Wireless Equipment to Avoid False Readings

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