Claydol counters and weaknesses for July 2021

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Claydol is taken into account a defensive tank by Pokemon GO requirements, however fortunately for trainers, it will get countered closely by some fairly widespread Pokemon within the sport.

Claydol is native to the Hoenn area, the place it will roam the desert on route 111. It’s a Floor/Psychic-type Pokemon that doesn’t do essentially the most harm, however quite has robust defenses that makes it laborious to knock out. The identical goes for Pokemon GO, the place Claydol will get 229 Protection. Trainers are going to want these Pokemon and methods in the event that they need to get harm off on Claydol, who’s now a Tier 3 raid boss.

Which Pokemon are good to convey to a raid towards Claydol?

Claydol has a number of weaknesses, however robust Water-types are inclined to do essentially the most harm to it. That is probably because of the robust strikes they get entry to, resembling Hydro Pump and Waterfall. The Pokemon with one of many quickest instances to win towards Claydol is Kyogre with each of the aforementioned strikes.

Fortunately, Gyarados can carry out simply in addition to Kyogre within the Claydol raid with out being as uncommon. Gyarados can even use Waterfall with Hydro Pump, and most trainers ought to have a Magikarp that they’ll evolve.

Robust Darkish-types even have nice matchups towards Claydol. Weavile and Tyranitar are two specifically which have fast TTWs. Plainly these two at all times have fast TTWs towards Psychic Pokemon, however normally one thing holds them again. On this case, Earth Energy threatens Tyranitar, however Weavile has nothing to concern.

It nearly goes with out saying at this level, however Shadow Mewtwo can be an excellent possibility towards Claydol. This Pokemon destroys nearly each different one, but it surely works significantly properly towards Claydol because it resists Claydol’s Confusion, Extrasensory and Psychic assaults. One Shadow Ball from Shadow Mewtwo will drop Claydol’s well being massively.

For trainers who don’t have entry to too many legendaries or uncommon Pokemon, extra generally discovered choices can nonetheless work right here. Feraligatr is superb at countering Claydol, since it could possibly rapidly cost a Hydro Cannon to get strong harm off.

Roserade is one other Pokemon with a comparatively fast time to win. It might require a stone to evolve it from Roselia, but it surely punishes Claydol with Razor Leaf and Grass Knot.

The Pokemon with the quickest time to win towards Claydol is Mega Gengar at a blazing quick 126.4 seconds. It should take a number of harm from Claydol’s Psychic assaults, however Mega Gengar will probably win the match earlier than they turn out to be an issue.

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