Thumb-sized gadget shortly ‘sniffs out’ dangerous breath

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In case you overlook the mints on a primary date, scientists have made a transportable, thumb-sized prototype gadget that shortly ‘sniffs out’ dangerous breath. 

Created by specialists in South Korea, the gadget detects the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) – the gasoline that makes breath dangerous. 

After exhaling into the gadget, presence of H2S on the breath might be displayed on an accompanying smartphone app. 

In addition to an social fake pas, dangerous breath is a pure warning signal, doubtlessly indicating critical dental points. 

Image from the Korean experts' paper shows how the device can offer rapid detection of hydrogen sulfide in human breath

Picture from the Korean specialists’ paper exhibits how the gadget can supply speedy detection of hydrogen sulfide in human breath

The examine has been carried out by specialists at Samsung Electronics and Korea Superior Institute of Science and Expertise (KAIST) in Daejeon, South Korea. 

‘Steady monitoring of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in human breath for early stage analysis of halitosis [bad breath] is of nice significance for prevention of dental illnesses,’ they are saying of their paper.

‘This examine affords prospects for direct, extremely dependable and speedy detection of H2S in actual human breath with out the necessity of any assortment or filtering tools.’ 

H2S is created contained in the physique in small doses – and is maybe greatest recognized for carrying the torrid scent of rotten eggs. 

H2S and different foul-smelling sulfur by-products are excreted as waste by micro organism on the tongue and under the gum line.

Sadly for the individuals round us, they’re are current within the air we exhale, making good oral hygiene essential on a primary date or a job interview to fight the scent. 


Opposite to in style perception, you can not examine your breath by blowing into your hand. It merely doesn’t work, in accordance with dentist and bacteriologist Dr Howard Katz, founding father of The Breath Firm.

Your physique is designed so that you simply can not detect your individual odour and your senses develop into used to the scent of your individual breath. 

It’s a course of known as acclimation which we now have developed over centuries of evolution – it helps us to have the ability to distinguish unusual smells shortly with out being overwhelmed by our personal odours. 

You exhale your individual breath always, so that you develop into accustomed to your individual scent.

Beforehand, some gadgets have been in a position to measure small quantities of H2S, however they’ve require exhaled air to be collected and examined on costly devices in a lab, which isn’t possible for customers. 

Earlier research have proven that when some steel oxides react with sulfur-containing gases, their electrical conductivity modifications. 

And when steel oxides are paired with noble steel catalysts, they will develop into extra delicate and selective. 

So, to develop a small, real-time bad-breath analyser, the staff wished to seek out the correct mixture of gear that will elicit the quickest and strongest response to H2S in air blown immediately onto it.

The researchers blended sodium chloride (an alkali steel salt) and platinum (a noble steel catalyst) nanoparticles with tungsten.

They then electrospun the answer into nanofibres that they heated, changing the tungsten into its steel oxide kind. 

Electrospinning is a technique to supply ultra-fine fibres measuring as tiny as one billionth of a metre in diameter (a nanometre). 

In preliminary checks, the composite created from equal components of every steel had the most important reactivity to hydrogen sulfide, which the staff measured as a big lower in electrical resistance in lower than 30 seconds.

Though this nanofibre reacted with a number of sulfur-containing gases, it was most delicate to H2S.

It created a response 9.5 and a pair of.7 instances higher than with dimethyl sulfide or methyl mercaptan, respectively, which additionally include sulfur.

As well as an social faux pas, bad breath is a natural warning sign, potentially indicating serious dental issues

As well as an social faux pas, bad breath is a natural warning sign, potentially indicating serious dental issues

In addition to an social fake pas, dangerous breath is a pure warning signal, doubtlessly indicating critical dental points

Lastly, the staff coated interdigitated gold electrodes with the nanofibers and mixed the gasoline sensor with humidity, temperature and strain sensors into their small prototype. 

The gadget accurately recognized dangerous breath 86 per cent of the time when the breath of individuals had been exhaled immediately onto it. 

Whereas the gadget is but to be commercialised, it might be included into very small gadgets like key rings for fast and simple self-diagnosis of dangerous breath.   

The system is detailed additional within the staff’s paper, printed within the journal ACS Nano. 


There are a variety of doable causes of halitosis:

Poor oral hygiene

That is the most typical trigger. Micro organism that construct up in your enamel – notably between them – in addition to your tongue and gums, can produce unpleasant-smelling gases. These micro organism are additionally answerable for gum illness and tooth decay. 

Food and drinks

Consuming strongly flavoured meals, akin to garlic, onions and spices, is prone to make your breath scent. Robust-smelling drinks, akin to espresso and alcohol, may also trigger dangerous breath.

Dangerous breath brought on by food and drinks is normally short-term. Good dental hygiene may also assist.


In addition to making your breath scent, smoking stains your enamel, irritates your gums, and reduces your sense of style.

It could additionally considerably have an effect on the event of gum illness, one other main reason for dangerous breath.

Crash weight-reduction plan

Crash weight-reduction plan, fasting, and low-carbohydrate diets are one other doable reason for dangerous breath. They trigger the physique to interrupt down fats, which produces chemical substances known as ketones that may be smelled in your breath.


These embody: nitrates – these are typically used to deal with angina; some chemotherapy remedy; and tranquillisers (phenothiazines).

If the remedy you take is inflicting dangerous breath, your GP might be able to suggest another.

Medical situations

In uncommon instances, dangerous breath could be brought on by sure medical situations. In dry mouth (xerostomia), the stream and composition of saliva could also be affected. 

Dry mouth can typically be brought on by an issue within the salivary glands or by respiratory via your mouth as an alternative of your nostril.

In some instances, gastrointestinal situations may also trigger dangerous breath. For instance, a bacterial an infection of the abdomen lining and small gut (H. pylori an infection) and gastro-oesophageal reflux illness (GORD) have been linked to dangerous breath.

Different medical situations that may trigger dangerous breath embody diabetes and lung, throat, or nostril infections – for instance, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.


Some persons are satisfied they’ve dangerous breath after they do not. This psychological situation is known as halitophobia. 

Supply: NHS Selections 


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