Animal Crossing: How to get the Able Sisters Tailor Shop in New Horizons

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Part of the popularity behind Animal Crossing is the island decoration and customization. There aren’t many games that allow players to completely customize their living space the way they want. This includes lots of different buildings that players can add to their landscape. One such building is the Able Sisters Tailor Shop.

This shop is a fan favorite and has been since 2001. Sisters Mabel, Sable and Label run a tailor shop that opens up players to lots of clothing varieties they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Mabel and her sisters provide players with the game’s full range of clothing customizations in their shop. Here’s how players can get one on their island.

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Animal Crossing: How to get the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

While the Tailor Shop will ultimately cost players 5,000 bells, some things do need to be completed before spending those bells. First, Animal Crossing players will need to build the first version (not the upgraded one) of Nook’s Cranny. Once it is built, Mabel will be inside discussing sales with Timmy and Tommy Nook, and players can talk to her. After that, Mabel will visit the players island once a week.

Mabel. Image via The Models Resource
Mabel. Image via The Models Resource

Next, players will start buying things from her. Players can buy whatever clothing items they want and once they’ve hit the aforementioned 5,000 bell plateau. Mabel will tell Animal Crossing players about her plans to build a permanent shop on the island by her third visit. Players can then choose where they would like to place the Able Sisters Tailor Shop.

The Able Sisters Tailor Shop in Animal Crossing. Image via Nookipedia The Able Sisters Tailor Shop in Animal Crossing. Image via Nookipedia
The Able Sisters Tailor Shop in Animal Crossing. Image via Nookipedia

The shop will then begin construction automatically. Players don’t need to donate materials or bells, as Mabel will simply use leftovers from the construction of Nook’s Cranny. In exactly 48 hours, the shop will be complete. This will open Animal Crossing players up to a wide variety of new clothing and customization options. Players love the Able Sisters Tailor Shop and are adding it to their islands as fast as they can.

Players have been looking forward to adding the Able Sisters Tailor Shop to their island, and this is how to do it.

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