Rob Riggle accuses estranged wife Tiffany of planting a hidden camera and spying on him during divorce seperation.

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In October last year, TMZ broke the story of ‘The Hangover (2009)’ star Rob Riggle’s divorce from his wife, Tiffany Riggle. Tiffany filed for divorce stating conflicting differences. The couple separated from their 21-year marriage on May 2nd 2020.

Now, after a year of separation, the former couple are going through another controversy. Former US marine, actor and comedian Rob Riggle alleges that Tiffany spied on him via a hidden camera.

Smoke Detector Spy Camera. Image via:
Smoke Detector Spy Camera. Image via:

According to another report by TMZ, Rob Riggle claimed on the divorce documents that Tiffany also stole $28,000 from his emergency funds in his home office. Tiffany Riggle has been living in their family home with their two children, while Rob was living on a smaller property.

Rob and Tiffany Riggle. Image via: Angela Weiss/Getty Images. Rob and Tiffany Riggle. Image via: Angela Weiss/Getty Images.
Rob and Tiffany Riggle. Image via: Angela Weiss/Getty Images.

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The document also further highlights Rob’s allegations against Tiffany, where he claims he found a spy camera hidden in his house. Rob alleges that he found a hidden camera in the smoke detector, with over 10,000 video clips on its memory card. Rob Riggle also claims that there is also a video of Tiffany installing the device whilst on a staircase.

Rob Riggle states in the document that his suspicions about getting spied on were confirmed once he and his girlfriend fed false information to test if it was leaked. The suspicion stemmed from the alleged fact that Tiffany knew information about private conversations between Riggle and his girlfriend or with his assistant. He also stated that he would receive anonymous messages knowing private information.

Furthermore, the 21 Jump Street actor also claimed that Tiffany also hacked his Apple iCloud and claimed access to his iMessages, emails, photos, videos, etc. Riggle also claimed that an electronic sweep back in April found the camera. According to the document, he believes it has been ten months since Tiffany installed the hidden camera.

Rob Riggle accuses his now separated wife of stealing $28,000

Rob Riggle also alleges that there is a video of Tiffany sitting in his office and counting money on the device. He believes this money to be the $28,000 that went missing. Riggle has submitted the camera as evidence, and official forensic analysts will go through the device and its footage.

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Rob and Tiffany Riggle with Children. Image via: Getty Images. Rob and Tiffany Riggle with Children. Image via: Getty Images.
Rob and Tiffany Riggle with Children. Image via: Getty Images.

According to legal documents of the divorce reported by TMZ last year, Tiffany was looking to take joint custody over her two children. The comedian and actor have a 17-year old daughter (Abigail) and a 13-year old son (George). However, the chances of a joint-custody may change after this recent legal development.

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A document also states that Rob Riggle has a restraining order against Tiffany. Despite the controversy being public knowledge now, neither Rob Riggle nor his wife have spoken in public regarding this.

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