Richmond man “prisoner” in his own body after excruciating headaches

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A RICHMONDSHIRE 38-year-old father of two who feels he has become a “prisoner” in his own body after experiencing excruciating headaches is looking for support to help pay for private healthcare.

Daniel Hodgson, from Richmond, was fit and healthy before January this year and had no history of medical problems in his life, but overnight his life turned upside down.

In January, Daniel felt a rupture in the left temple of his head and immediately collapsed. Now the only way he can spend time with his two young daughters is by lying flat and still on his living room floor.

After the incident and calling an ambulance that took him to hospital where they carried out numerous scans, the hospital decided to perform a spinal lumbar puncture to test for meningitis.

Later the family were told the test was performed wrong and the surgeon punctured more than one hole in his fluid canal, causing him to have a spinal fluid leak which results in Daniel having low protective fluid surrounding the brain and in an even worse condition than before.

Daniel’s family took him to six different hospitals but found they were getting no answers.

As a result, his family decided to take him to private healthcare and because of the severity of the condition, an operation to seal the spinal fluid leak was booked within a week.

Overall, this has cost the family thousands of pounds and they can no longer afford further medical help and are looking for donations and support to their GoFundMe page.

Mr Hodgson, said: “I have to have a scan on my neck to assess the blood vessels that go up to my brain and over the side of my scalp because whenever I stand, I just can’t tolerate it. It’s like my brain just tells me, you’ve got to lie down.

“I’m literally just a prisoner of my own body, not just a prisoner of my own home, which some people would say ‘oh that’s the life of luxury you just get to relax all day’.

“It’s certainly not relaxing, I would do anything, I’m a hiker, I like to do the Three Peaks challenge and Roseberry topping, I’ve been everywhere with my father.

“But I can’t do any of that anymore, I’m lucky if I’m just a spectator in the car, because I can’t really tolerate car journeys because my head wobbles as the car moves which is just as bad as standing up. I prefer to stay still at home.”

If you are able to support Daniel, you can donate to his GoFundMe here

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