Here’s What You Need to Know About TikTok’s Beekeeper Drama

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“She looks really pretty doing it and that’s because it’s faked,” the user explains. “I hate to say that because y’all are going to say I’m coming for her, but it’s not.”

However, Vice writes that Thompson began Texas Bee Works five years before she married her husband, Andrew Hollister. The outlet also reports Hollister’s background is in real estate and investing, causing some doubt about whether he is really helping out Thompson behind the scenes.

Regarding Thompson’s choice of clothing, Vice shares some insight into her decision making. She recently told the outlet, “The removals that went viral, those are some cases where I’m not wearing gear… But, you know, there are other cases where I am wearing gear. One of the things you don’t see, maybe, in the one-minute TikTok videos—I’m in Texas, and it’s incredibly hot. Sometimes these removals take 30 minutes; sometimes they take three hours or more. Beekeeping gear in general, it’s big and it’s bulky… It makes it a little bit more difficult to work with these tiny creatures who are very delicate.”

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