Jeffree Star Reveals Biggest Regret About “Childish” YouTube Scandals

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“I honestly keep to myself and I don’t really engage in the beauty world anymore,” the vlogger reveals. “I have zero contact with all of those people.”

Jeffree doesn’t want to be defined by his mistakes though, telling E! News that he wants “people to see my growth.”

As detailed in Shane’s series “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” the mogul endured a difficult upbringing before achieving YouTube fame, something he’s keenly aware of. Jeffree says, “I think sometimes the drama has really overshadowed the entrepreneurship that I’m about, and coming from nothing and being homeless and making it this far. I’m really proud of myself and I’m just thankful that I could still inspire so many people with my life.”

Jeffree’s also feeling grateful after surviving a “really, really scary” car accident in Wyoming this spring. He broke vertebrae in his spine and is currently in a brace, adding to an experience that he describes as “emotionally and mentally, a lot.”

“I think, me being a very sarcastic person I usually could make a lot of jokes about it but it was actually really awful,” Jeffree says, adding these last few months were “really intense.”

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