Friends Reunion Director: This Mistake Almost Ruined the Show

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Every moment counts when you’re with your friends.

As pop culture fans continue to feel nostalgic and savor every moment of Friends: The Reunion special, director Ben Winston is sharing new details into how the project came about.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Ben expressed his desire to have the cast come together for the first time on camera. But when he arrived on set to see six trailers side by side, he almost panicked.

“I was so upset,” he shared. “The point of the show is they haven’t seen each other. But it was too late to move them.”

But with years of experience producing late-night and award shows, Ben acted fast and found a way to make it work. As he explained, “We built tents around each of their doorways. And I texted the six of them and said, ‘Look, I know you want to see each other but I’m begging you: please stay in your own dressing room until you’re called to the stage. I really want to catch that moment.'”

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