Fortnite x NBA skins and back bling leaked ahead of time – 10 variants unveiled

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The Fortnite x NBA collaboration was recently leaked, as data miners took to Twitter to reveal some of the cosmetics coming in Season 6.

Popular data miners like Hypex, Guille_GAG and ShiinaBR uploaded several images and videos to Twitter, all of which revealed the upcoming NBA cometics in Fortnite.

There are ten new NBA outfits coming to Fortnite Season 6, if reports are to be believed. At the same time, a new encrypted NBA emote has been added to game files with the v16.40 update. This suggests that players will get to see a full-fledged Fortnite x NBA collaboration in the coming weeks.

In light of these recent leaks, this article will discuss and highlight all the Fortnite x NBA cosmetics coming to the game in Season 6.

Fortnite x NBA collaboration will bring ten new outfits along with a Basketball toy and a new emote

The v16.40 update for Season 6 was recently released on May 11th, and several game files related to the Fortnite x NBA collaboration were added. Data miners have delved deeper to find the new Fortnite NBA skins coming into the game.

Popular YouTuber SinX6 uploaded a video to YouTube, which featured all these new NBA skins. The outfits resemble classic NBA team jerseys, and have numbers on the front. Loopers will also get armbands and wristbands to compliment their NBA-themed look Fortnite Season 6.

The video also revealed that a new toy is coming to Fortnite, and it’s going to be a basketball. The emote shown in the video features the character dribbling with the basketball toy in-game. There is also a hoop-like back bling coming to the game in Season 6.

All these social media posts and leaks from data miners suggest that Epic Games is all set to launch NBA skins in Fortnite.

After a successful collaboration with Neymar, fans were expecting to see more sports-related collabs coming to the game in Season 6. It is safe to say that the publisher has a grand plan for players in the primal-themed season.

Previous leaks have suggested that loopers might get to see LeBron James in Fortnite. This has attracted a huge fan base who are ready to play Fortnite just to get LeBron’s outfit in-game.

The Fortnite x NBA collaboration might bring LeBron James to Season 6. However, the publishers have not yet provided any official confirmation about the four-time NBA champion coming into the primal-themed season.

Players can expect these new NBA skins to be revealed soon in Season 6. After that, only time will tell if loopers will get to see LeBron James arriving on the Fortnite Island.

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