5 botches you probably missed

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For WrestleMania 37 WWE ran with the tagline “Back in Business,” but it could be argued anything that could have gone wrong last night did just that.

The biggest show of the year was at the mercy of the weather. At one point the show was delayed by more than 40 minutes as a lightning warning was issued for the Tampa area.

WWE was able to fill the time whilst waiting for the storm to pass, but in that time the rain came down and the open-air arena got a little wet. This was something that would later come back to haunt the company as the puddles that formed on the ramp and around the ringside area later became an issue for stars in their matches.

The following list looks at just five botches or mistakes that happened as part of last night’s WrestleMania Night One show.

#5. Mandy Rose slips on her way to the ring at WrestleMania 37

Titus O’Neil’s slip en route to the ring back at The Greatest Royal Rumble almost three years ago is still an iconic WWE moment and it appears Mandy Rose could gain the same level of attention.

The former Tough Enough contestant was making her way down the ring as part of the Tag Team Turmoil match alongside Dana Brooke when the slippery surface following the rain became a real problem.

Rose stumbled and then completely slipped onto the floor, whilst her partner Dana Brooke just continued to walk down the ring and seemingly ignored the issue. Luckily, Rose wasn’t injured by the fall and was able to pick herself up fairly quickly and tried to walk off any embarrassment.

Rose later updated her Twitter account to address the stumble and the fact that whilst every WWE star wants to be the trend at WrestleMania, there are perhaps better ways to do so.

It’s hard to believe Mandy Rose was the only star who fell foul to the weather conditions at WrestleMania. AJ Styles almost became another victim later in the night but was able to stop himself from falling, which is why it was less noticeable.

Published 11 Apr 2021, 18:38 IST

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