Release date, Skin details, and everything we know so far

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One of the most controversial skins is finally making its appearance in Fortnite.

After teasing Season 6 back on March 13th, Fortnite tweeted out one of the first videos for the new season. Many players noticed the iconic soccer player’s jersey and the official Adidas Brazuca ball. To be fair, it was almost impossible to miss, as Neymar’s accessories and connections were taking up a portion of the teaser.

Speculation of Neymar joining Fortnite was later confirmed by a tweet from him, which was just a pair of emoji eyes. Now, it seems, the release date for the Neymar skin could be April 27th, as per some recent leaks.

Neymar Jr in Fortnite

Neymar joining Fortnite is pretty controversial, only because it’s so out of the world of Fortnite. Granted, players have received different characters from all sorts of games and movies recently, but many agree the Neymar skin just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, there still aren’t any confirmed skin concepts. A lot of people have used their ideas for how he may look in the game, with several concepts being Neymar in either his Brazillian soccer outfit or some other team outfit.

It’s also said that the overall Neymar skin should have a total of 11 cosmetics. These include other styles, back blings, and all the usual items that come with a set. There will even be a toy in the set of 11 cosmetics that will be available with Neymar.

All in all, it’s pretty interesting what they want to do with Neymar and his collaboration. Players are seeing something that’s never been done before.

For now, expect Neymar Jr to arrive in Fortnite anytime from the 27th and on, making him available on either the v16.20 update or the v16.30 update.

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Published 11 Apr 2021, 00:33 IST

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