Top 5 Pokemon GO Raid Bosses

The month of March features a litany of tough Pokemon in Raid battles that, in most cases, will take several trainers with excellent teams to defeat.

Most of the Raid Bosses will be in Tiers 1 and 3, so those shouldn’t be two much trouble. There are, however, 3 Mega Evolution to fight in Raids. This is only added to the fact that Tornadus-Therian Forme is also included due to the Season of Legends. These are going to be the five toughest Raid bosses.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 Pokemon GO Raid Bosses

#5 – Alolan Exeggutor

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

This Exeggutor version is easily the strongest Raid Boss in Tier 3. With 19,053 CP, it clearly outclasses Chansey, Togetic, and Azumarill. In general, Alolan Exeggutor is a bulky attacker with 216 stamina. Beating this Raid boss may not always require teammates though. Ice-type attacks do 256% more damage to Alolan Exeggutor, so any trainer with a strong Ice-type Pokemon could take care of it without help.

#4 – Tornadus

Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The only Pokemon in Tier 5, Tornadus proves to be a very difficult Raid boss. It has a fairly high 44,256 CP. The saving grace for anyone who tries to challenge this Raid boss is that it relies on Hurricane, which can be easily dodged. This move also has a cooldown of 2.7 seconds, which could be enough time to spam some fast attacks before cooldown ends. A decent Electric-type or Steel-type Pokemon should be enough to win out, but at least 3 teammates will probably be needed to win this fight.

#3 – Mega Manectric

Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

A Raid battle with Mega Manectric is going to be extremely challenging to survive. With 286 Attack, this Pokemon is going to melt anything in front of it. It does, however, have the lowest CP of any Pokemon in the Mega Tier with 51,346 (still pretty high). Any Ground-type Pokemon will do very well here, but it’s going to be necessary to get 4 or more players in this battle.

#2 – Mega Lopunny

Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Featured in the Spring into Spring event, Mega Loppuny emerges as a very difficult Raid boss to fight. This gigantic threat has 55,045 CP. It does, however, have weaknesses to be exploited. Relying on Hyper Beam isn’t the worst thing to find an answer to. It is easily dodged, and it’s resisted by both Rock-type and Steel-type Pokemon. Also, unless it carries Fire Punch, Ghost-types take only 39% from every move Mega Lopunny can use.

#1 – Mega Gengar

Image via Game Freak Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

With 65,215 CP, Mega Gengar is solidly ahead of the other two Pokemon in the Mega Tier. It can simply demolish Pokemon with its 349 Attack stat. Also, Lick into Shadow Ball does 25.25 DPS, which is some amazing damage output. Gengar has 4 weaknesses, but two of them (Psychic and Ghost) are irrelevant because Gengar also hits them back for super effective damage. It is almost essential that anyone who attempts to defeat this Raid Boss has a Dark-type Pokemon and 5 teammates to have a shot.

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