Richard Holden MP’s Facebook post leads to spat

AS the local elections for the council draw closer, an MP has asked for clarification from an independent candidate, on where they stand.

The comments from Richard Holden, MP for North West Durham alleged that independent councillor John Shuttleworth would vote with Labour if there was a minority Labour council after May 7.

Mr Shuttleworth, hit out against comments left on Mr Holden’s Facebook page.

The independent candidate strongly denies the claim and says he doesn’t like playing ‘party politics.’

Durham County Councillor for Weardale, John Shuttleworth said: “I categorically deny that there has been any form of collusion by me, with the Labour Party, and for him to state that on a social media platform just shows the level that these new Tory MPs with stoop to, in order to try and score a point.”

“Holden and his cronies will realise on May 7 that I have been loyal to my electorate for 24 years, and they will be loyal to me.”

Mr Holden said: “I was commenting on the fact that Labour have only fielded one candidate for the Weardale ward.

“Mr Shuttleworth needs to be clear, if Labour lost overall control of Durham County Council, would he vote with them to help prop up a minority Labour council?

“This may not have been an issue for him before, but Labour only have overall control with seven seats and this could change.”

Mr Shuttleworth had now lodged a formal complaint against Mr Holden for breach of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct.

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Bourbiza Mohamed. Writer and Political Discourse Analysis.

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