How mods work in Outriders

Mods are one of the many aspects that allow so much build diversity in Outriders. Regardless of the gear or the class, every player in the game will want to experiment with a variety of mods.

In general, mods are just one branch of the crafting system within Outriders. They can serve as passive skills on gear that allow for a more customized build. Some of the passive skills will even alter abilities in the Outrider classes.

The mod system in Outriders is fairly simple to use. There are three tiers to pay attention to. Tier 1 mods are class-specific mods only. Tier 2 mods can be used by all classes in Outriders, and there is no restriction. Tier 3 mods are a hybrid of both, which means they are class-specific and have class-wide benefits.

To craft a mod on a set of gear, Outriders players need to learn the specific mod. In order to do that, players need to deconstruct either their weapons or their armor. Doing so gives players the ability to use a given mod when crafting in the future. The quality of the gear deconstructed will also determine the quality or level of the mod used for crafting.

Legendary gear is the only gear in Outriders that has item specific mods. Players must use the given legendary gear to utilize the mod at all.

Mods can also be changed on gear. However, once a player has changed a weapon or armor mod, the other slot cannot be changed. That means Outriders players should use mods wisely when they can.

How crafting in Outriders works aside from mods

Crafting within Outriders is based on enhancing or upgrading gear rather than crafting something new. Mods are just one aspect of this system that allows for customization and build diversity.

Much of the time, players will need to upgrade the rarity of a weapon along with the statistics or passives. Gear can only be upgraded to epic quality, and Legendaries must be found. However, all gear can be upgraded to some degree, even if it’s just stats.

Variant swaps are also something that can be altered on weapons, which will change the way they will operate entirely. For example, something that is automatic can be changed to be a semi-automatic with more firepower behind it.

Regardless of what crafting players attempt, plenty of materials will be needed within Outriders.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 06:37 IST

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